The Kill Stack

For fans of Crime Fiction and Action Thrillers.


A visceral kick to the teeth, dripping with dark humor, fast action & unforgettable characters. From the author of The Cold Forever.

Zoe MacLaren has run out of options. In debt to the Mob, she'll use her badge and gun to run down a dead man's fortune, which may finally reverse her own.

Fin Jacobs, a hitman for the Chicago Syndicate, has just learned that his brother had gone missing in Las Vegas. His search will lead him into a war zone between the police and a powerful gangster on the rise.

Fredo Leoni screwed up bad. On the run from criminals and cops alike, he'll need to recover a priceless package, or risk a painful and torturous death.

The Cold Forever

For fans of The Commonwealth Saga by Peter F. Hamilton, & The Hyperion Cantos by Dan Simmons

When a voyager from beyond the stars crash lands on Earth, he inadvertently unleashes a global cataclysm that may erase our timeline from existence.

Now, to save our world, a team of desperate strangers must face devastating time fluxes, ruthless mercenaries and a remorseless monster from the future, that cannot be killed.

But first... they will have to cross eons of polluted and ever shifting time, to find each other. And a young girl will have to come to terms with a destiny that will take her into the darkest regions of our Solar System.

What others are saying about The Cold Forever

“… reading “The Cold Forever” is like scanning a beautiful, elaborate tapestry from very close up… the bashing and smashing is very impressive… recommended for fans of: time travel, hard sci-fi, Transformers movies.” 
Gordon A. Long via

“… hard to put down… an even more entertaining read the second time around.” 
Valerie Kenna via

“… couldn't put it down… it makes you WANT to keep reading further and further into the storyline… loved the detail and the complexity of the story.” 
Laurel A. Schmitz via

“… an amazing tale that is not only fascinating to read, but would convert well to sci-fi movie… the author ties it all neatly together, and the reader is rewarded as many questions are answered.” 
Cole Edwards via