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I'm working on some swag. Some... The Cold Forever swag. T-shirts and other stuff. I'm not really out to make a buck on this. I just really want to have as much exposure for the book as possible. I want it to look as legitimate as possible. 

The cards... I'll explain about the cards at some point later. But I'm hoping to sell those poker cards I designed a while back. Some people were wondering about those. I'd originally wanted to do a kickstarter, but meh. Why? I don't need funds to get it started. I'd all ready designed them! I just need a place that will print and sell them for me.

Anyway... swag!

Also, the Goodreads giveaway has come and gone. The winning party shall receive their fresh brand-spankin' new copy of the book as soon as possible. And for those of you who thought that this was your only hope of getting the book? No. There is another.

I have a giveaway running on BookLikes as well:

In the mean time, if you do want to read it, hassle free and without paying anything for it, check out amazon and ibooks. I have them there as ebooks for free, for a limited time. 

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Ciao babies...