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Alright. Well… that was an interesting year, 2015. Wasn’t it? Did everyone else enjoy that as much as I did? And by “enjoy” I mean be completely bewildered by it on every conceivable level?

Where do I start, where do I begin? Bad news. Marriage went belly up. Big bummer, considering that we were together since 2003. Yeah so that wasn’t all that pleasant (read: fucking awful). Good news, lost some weight, got myself a bike and somehow found myself in another relationship. Basically a full on midlife crisis before actually GETTING to midlife (hopefully?). You know what I’m saying?

Just nod and smile, alright?

Yeah but, you say, I thought this blog was about writing? Well it is and it isn’t. But fine. You want some news, I’ll give you news. After 30,000 words, The Kill Stack has been benched. I ran out of things to say in that world. It has promise, though. So I may come back to it, at some point. The question now is, do I attempt another book or… what exactly?

I’ve got that sequel to a book no one actually read, plotted out and ready to go. I’ve got another, unrelated sci-fi book also plotted out. 

Eh… fuck it, let’s write something else. 

See you in a bit ;)